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    • ACE wrap can be removed POD1-2 and then converted to a thigh high TED hose (this may have already been done in the hospital)
    • Underneath the TED hose, there will be an Aquacel beige dressing. This should not be removed until 7-10 days postop. There should be no sutures underneath this, only skin glue.
    • Patients who are deemed High Risk for Infection may have a purple wound vac (Prevena) covering their incision. This should also be removed 7 days after surgery. For these patients, underneath the dressing there will be either black sutures or surgical staples. These will be removed when the patient returns for their first postop appointment approximately 3 weeks after surgery. Once the wound vac is removed, please cover the incision with a dry gauze dressing that should be changed daily
    • Please ensure patient is taking adequate medications for pain management. A list of their medication regimen and a table to keep track of it is included in this handout.
    • Oxycodone (or other narcotic) is meant for breakthrough pain, and should be taken 1 hour prior to and after Physical Therapy or Home Health exercises
    • Some bruising and swelling is expected after surgery. Please instruct the patient on elevation of the lower extremity while seated or laying down to prevent this
    • Please help the patient with compressive stockings, these should be worn as much as possible during the daytime for the first three weeks postoperatively
    • Please confirm the patient has a follow-up with Dr. Bremjitā€™s office approximately 3 weeks after surgery and an appointment with Outpatient Physical Therapy no later than 14-17 days after surgery. If no appointment is scheduled, please assist the patient in calling our offices at or let them know to contact us through MyChart for their appointment

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