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This is your “To-Do List” prior to surgery. ALL of these need to be checked off before surgery.

  1. Read the entirety of your Joint Book given to you in clinic and online resources shown to you. I always encourage everyone to do their own research as well. There is A LOT of information on the internet - if you have any questions about surgery or the process this entails, please reach out to us! This is a big surgery and your health and cooperation are important to us.
  2. Arrange for a family member or friend to accompany you to the hospital on the day of surgery
  3. (For Knee replacement patients) Schedule your outpatient knee physical therapy to begin no later than 14 days after surgery. Any physical therapist who you trust or is close to your home is acceptable, but you must have an appointment with them scheduled before your surgery occurs
  4. Cancel any dental appointments 1 month PRIOR to surgery and 3 months AFTER surgery. If you have any loose teeth or dental work that needs to get done, let us know IMMEDIATELY. It should get done before surgery, as in rare cases it can lead to infection after surgery!
  5. Ensure your home is “surgery safe”:
    • remove all small rugs or obstacles that may be in your path around your home
    • Create clear walking paths throughout your house
    • If possible, have a bed and bath on your main floor
    • Prepare meals ahead of time
    • If you have pets, it’s a good idea to have someone assist in their care for the 1 week after surgery
    • Prepare meals ahead of time if needed for your first few days after coming home. It’ll make your life easier!
  6. Arrange for a family member or friend to stay with you for a night or two after you return home from surgery
  7. When you are discharged from the hospital (usually the day after surgery), please ensure transportation is available to take you home
  8. Avoid any injections to your surgical joint 3 months PRIOR to surgery
  9. Preoperative Exercises: I recommend all of my patients start these short, simple exercises before surgery to help activate your muscles and help your recovery after surgery! A list of great exercises can be found here:
  10. Protein shakes: start drinking protein shakes (can be purchased over-the-counter at any grocery store or pharmacy) for the 1 month before surgery and continue this for at least 1 month after surgery, as it can accelerate how quickly your body recovers after this major surgery. If you have a known history of kidney disease, please confirm with your PCP that daily protein shakes are acceptable
  11. Driving
    You will not be able to drive after surgery if you are using any narcotic pain medications. Even if you are off sooner, most studies have found your braking reaction time takes at least 3 weeks to return so plan to have assistance with transportation for at least 3 weeks after surgery until you feel safe to drive

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